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Victoria Park Personal Care Home Live Performance

Today I performed some music and the Victoria Park Personal Care Home in Regina. 

It was easy to find, and the room I had to play in was quite large. Next time I may take my amplifier, because I felt like I was a bit quiet for some of them. I was intimidated by the large amount of elderly folk that had come to see me, but I think after a while I got into the swing of things. They were a very grateful audience in the end.

I made a few mistakes, but on the whole I think I did fairly well. Standing up and playing the Beatles’ Blackbird was tricky, as was Clapton’s Tears In Heaven, and I found that there was no real reaction to these songs really, considering the effort it took to play them, but there was a buzz over Jonny Cash’s Ring of Fire, and Country Road. In light of this, I’ve decided to focus on hits from the 40s, 50s and 60s. I really want to cater my songs to their tastes and give them a break from the monotony of care home living.

I think I will stick to a 45 minute set and then spend the last 15 minutes just mingling with the residents. I did that today, and felt blessed to be able to spend time with those who have really weathered the storms of life and are just on the home stretch, really. I appreciate their honesty and experience, their senses of humour and grace. It is refreshing to speak to those who have a different lens on life.

All in all, a successful first venture, and some valuable lessons learned.