Love & Place

Love & Place

I have decided to work with a series of combined photos that focus on the theme of gratitude. Every day I will take a photo of something I’m grateful for, add a quote, and then once a week I will combine two of them and add a title combining the two themes.

This week the two concepts that have been combine are as follows:

My girl. Gives me more joy than I can put into words. #grateful365

I’m grateful for the warmer day today, and the frosted scenery. #grateful365

The title Love & Place comes from the combination of the love I have for my wife, alongside the gratitude I have for the location, thus I have framed ourselves in the scenery, much in the same ways our lives are.


Back in the game…


So, the new semester has begun, and, as it happens, I have two classes that require some form of online documentation (one of them is not strictly online per say, but that is what I am choosing to do.

Just so I can try and gain some clarity within my own mind upon what these particular projects are, I will read them from the syllabus and describe them as follows:

1) For EMUS 202 (MUSIC EDUCATION), I am to compile a personal Guitar curriculum, that is, everyone in class has to learn to play Guitar, and document their progress. You can imagine, being an Guitar player myself already, how exciting this was to hear. Now I have a solid reason to go and play uninterrupted. This brings me great joy. At first I was thinking I would do something like I did for EAES201, in terms of working on something new and somewhat more advanced than others in the class, but upon further consideration I feel working through the beginners book will give me a stronger foundation to work from, and strengthen some of my weaker areas, i.e. sight reading music.

2) For EVIS 202 (VISUAL EDUCATION), I am to submit weekly art on a WordPress blog (how convenient!), which is meant to be individualized and enjoyable. It involves taking two photographs relating to a particular theme, of which I am still yet to decide, and then to write a paragraph of my thoughts associated with the making of these photos. I’m thinking about doing something about my kids growth; Molly (my eight month old baby) is due to walk any time now, so I think that might be something nice to capture and reflect upon.

Anyway, this is an introductory post, of sort, to initiate the beginning of these two projects and set the proverbial ball in motion.

The Art of Dance


The next time you look into the mirror, just look at the way the ears rest next to the head; look at the way the hairline grows; think of all the little bones in your wrist. It is a miracle. And the dance is a celebration of that miracle. -Martha Graham

Photo Credit: Dance via cc

Ocean Bed

Ocean Bed

I had a dream I swam in air
I drank the words you said
We breathed the same, and swam together
On the ocean bed

Are we free? asked you to me
We’re locked inside this head
We feed the same, we drink the same
Right off this ocean bed

As we share this ocean deep
We’re locked inside this head
Rays of light will break the sky
Through moments as we tread

So times before and times to be
Are better off left dead
Hold my hand and walk with me
Upon the ocean bed

Final Ponderings on ECMP 355

As a final assignment we were to put together a presentation to share online discussing what we learnt during this class, and then share it online.

This is my somewhat organic approach to presentation. I wanted to keep it natural, but just speaking to the camera feels somewhat uncomfortable. Saying that, I managed to touch upon the areas I wanted.

Photo Credit: manfrys via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Extra Ketchup via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Zawezome via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Viktor Hertz via Compfight cc

Farewell to my Mentor


So today after working together for some weeks, I said farewell to my wonderful mentor Michelle Cordy and her exuberant students.

This endeavour has been an amazing way to learn, connect and teach, entirely within the boundaries of modern technology. I never physically met Michelle, or any of her amazing kids, but this, for the most part, did not cause any obstacles when it came to rich human interaction, and I feel we will remember the fun times we shared for many years to come.


Tech Task #11 A peek inside your classroom

So this is the final tech task, and now I am to offer some insight into what I wish my classroom to be like in the future.


Now it is difficult for me at this stage to fully conceptualize my classroom. Once I have finished my degree I intend to work outside of Canada, and teach at an international school. Those are the only absolutes. I feel what I should do here is imaging what I think should be the classroom, what should have been the classroom for me, and what I want for the young learners of the future.


Song Performance – Minute at Hailsham


Ruth who was there at your birth?
Who loves you who values your worth?
Maybe theres someway we can find a way

Come round and I’ll play you a song
With you is the place I belong
I wonder if anyone cares what we say

I feel so alive..


Audio Snippets of Working Progress

stretched strings - b/w

In this post I am tentatively sharing with you some audio items I might usually keep to myself, so think of yourselves as privileged, or something.

From the first day of experimenting with creating my own original ‘acoustic percussion’ influenced composition, I have been using the Voice Memos app on my iPhone to keep track of my ideas and progress. Turns out I can upload these directly to an online audio sharing site called SoundCloud (you’ve probably come across it), which also has a code that I can embed directly into WordPress. So here they are; seven of my ‘behind the scenes’, rank beginner practise sessions, broken down and conceptually explained.


Tech Task #10 – Best Ideas

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 7.45.55 PM

Well I have to say that this ECMP 355, Computers in the classroom, class is inspiring stuff. It is making it very clear to me that the classrooms of the future are not going to be anything like what I experienced as a child. But it isn’t just technology that has seeped its way into education that is making change happen, this is amazing in itself, but it is the embracing of new methods and ideas, and the open-mindedness of the teachers of today. The dynamic of teaching, what it is to educate, the role in itself is being redefined from one of provider, to one of guidance.

This weeks task was to listen to the three speakers we had and discuss the ideas they had which were our favourites in terms of how they utilized today’s electronic advances and injected them into their middle years classrooms.