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Ocean Bed

Ocean Bed

I had a dream I swam in air
I drank the words you said
We breathed the same, and swam together
On the ocean bed

Are we free? asked you to me
We’re locked inside this head
We feed the same, we drink the same
Right off this ocean bed

As we share this ocean deep
We’re locked inside this head
Rays of light will break the sky
Through moments as we tread

So times before and times to be
Are better off left dead
Hold my hand and walk with me
Upon the ocean bed


Compassion Child

A morning bird is set to feast
An orange sun peeps in the east
And light is spilled upon a street
In USA, where life is sweet

Scarborough Acid

It had just broken 2:15 am and the air was crisp. It was cool, but fresh rather than uncomfortable. It had been raining more than usual this week in June, today was the 7th, 1993 and for a few hours now there had been no rain. My friend and I were extremely pleased with ourselves; we had told our parents that we were staying at each other’s houses when we had no intention or desire to do so. Now we could be free to break apart from the institution.