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Song Performance – Minute at Hailsham


Ruth who was there at your birth?
Who loves you who values your worth?
Maybe theres someway we can find a way

Come round and I’ll play you a song
With you is the place I belong
I wonder if anyone cares what we say

I feel so alive..



Audio Snippets of Working Progress

stretched strings - b/w

In this post I am tentatively sharing with you some audio items I might usually keep to myself, so think of yourselves as privileged, or something.

From the first day of experimenting with creating my own original ‘acoustic percussion’ influenced composition, I have been using the Voice Memos app on my iPhone to keep track of my ideas and progress. Turns out I can upload these directly to an online audio sharing site called SoundCloud (you’ve probably come across it), which also has a code that I can embed directly into WordPress. So here they are; seven of my ‘behind the scenes’, rank beginner practise sessions, broken down and conceptually explained.



The main focus of my project will be the process of learning to incorporate a percussive element into my current Guitar playing style. I have always admired artists such as Jon Gomm and Andy McKee; they both utilize the large hollow area of an acoustic Guitar to mimic the sounds of a drum kit, whilst playing complex melodies on the strings at the same time. In Gomm’s case, he even sings; he becomes an entire one man band. Having this extra dimension allows the artist to compose songs with different textures, the Guitar itself increases in polyphonic capabilities. Although this particular style of percussive playing has been around for a while, it is far from mainstream, and appears to be evolving into new versions, and original styles month to month.


Tears in Heaven

My humble version of Eric Clapton’s Tears in Heaven.

For You Mum

A classical piece called Romanza. Dedicated to my mother, Susan Ann Bawden.