EVIS 202

Approaches to teaching visual education.

New Scene

New Scene

This week I chose two photos, again, seemingly unrelated, but combined to make some new meanings.

The two photos had the following subtexts:

Today is a beautiful day. Just feel really grateful to be alive. #grateful365

Honoka is a Japanese exchange student who has been living with us for five days. She is awesome, and we are happy that she made it home ok from school today in the freezing cold Canadian winds. #grateful365

What I did was cut out a portion of the background and placed part of a landscape scene from University in its place. I think it creates a kind of other-worldy feeling, which is what she must be going through. Also, the symbols that I have placed on the pillar do spell the title of the peace ‘New Scene’, but I chose the dingbats font, which is basically symbol gibberish, to give an essence of what she must be feeling coming to Canada from Japan. The viewer will look at the symbols and think “well, what does that mean?”, which Honoka must also be thinking to herself dozens of times a day just over the language undertanding that we take for granted.

She has a black and white background because she stands out as being different from, but still a part of, the bigger picture.


Love & Place

Love & Place

I have decided to work with a series of combined photos that focus on the theme of gratitude. Every day I will take a photo of something I’m grateful for, add a quote, and then once a week I will combine two of them and add a title combining the two themes.

This week the two concepts that have been combine are as follows:

My girl. Gives me more joy than I can put into words. #grateful365

I’m grateful for the warmer day today, and the frosted scenery. #grateful365

The title Love & Place comes from the combination of the love I have for my wife, alongside the gratitude I have for the location, thus I have framed ourselves in the scenery, much in the same ways our lives are.

Back in the game…


So, the new semester has begun, and, as it happens, I have two classes that require some form of online documentation (one of them is not strictly online per say, but that is what I am choosing to do.

Just so I can try and gain some clarity within my own mind upon what these particular projects are, I will read them from the syllabus and describe them as follows:

1) For EMUS 202 (MUSIC EDUCATION), I am to compile a personal Guitar curriculum, that is, everyone in class has to learn to play Guitar, and document their progress. You can imagine, being an Guitar player myself already, how exciting this was to hear. Now I have a solid reason to go and play uninterrupted. This brings me great joy. At first I was thinking I would do something like I did for EAES201, in terms of working on something new and somewhat more advanced than others in the class, but upon further consideration I feel working through the beginners book will give me a stronger foundation to work from, and strengthen some of my weaker areas, i.e. sight reading music.

2) For EVIS 202 (VISUAL EDUCATION), I am to submit weekly art on a WordPress blog (how convenient!), which is meant to be individualized and enjoyable. It involves taking two photographs relating to a particular theme, of which I am still yet to decide, and then to write a paragraph of my thoughts associated with the making of these photos. I’m thinking about doing something about my kids growth; Molly (my eight month old baby) is due to walk any time now, so I think that might be something nice to capture and reflect upon.

Anyway, this is an introductory post, of sort, to initiate the beginning of these two projects and set the proverbial ball in motion.