Month: April 2014

Class of the Century

Class of the Century

Gotta love my hilarious classmates. #grateful365

As my final image I wanted to touch upon the fact that that last year has been really amazing, both in terms of the content provided and the classmates I worked with. Here I have one image of the students in my music class (my favourite this term – non-surprisingly) about to learn about teaching Guitar in a classroom (a defining point for me), with another image of four of my classmates getting involved in a random dress up project for our visual arts class (hilarious). Just from this image you can tell that they are a lot of fun, and this energy carried over to all my classmates. Everyone of them was a gem; I cannot remember ever being this happy in my classes, so for that reason they are THE CLASS OF THE CENTURY!!!


Blocking Dead

Blocking Dead

The Blocking Dead. New t-shirt! #grateful365

This is a combination of a t-shirt graphic and a house concert Hono and I performed at. The t-shirt is a lego representation of The Walking Dead show, and behind that I placed the image of Hono and I playing because the song we played together was inspired by The Walking Dead. I was grateful for the performance and the t-shirt, and was intreguid by the fact that both photos represent homages to The Walking Dead show, for which I am also grateful for. For this image I just wanted to see how it looked as a black and white image; I feel it gives it a form of gritty realism, which is what I feel the walking dead is about. This image is dead of colour.



Boom. #grateful365

Today, Alice was born. I’m her Uncle Gareth. Feels awesome!! #grateful365

Here we have two seemingly unrelated things: a baby, and an academic achievement certificate. But I wanted to look at the definition of achievement some more:

achieve·ment noun \ə-ˈchēv-mənt\
: something that has been done or achieved through effort : a result of hard work

: the act of achieving something : the state or condition of having achieved or accomplished something

So on the one hand I have a piece of paper, that says well done for being clever, for reasons that are not overtly clear to me; and on the other, I have a beautiful niece, Alice, that my sister worked extremely hard to bear through childbirth (facing severe bodily trauma in the process). I know that in years to come, my relationship to my niece will bloom, become beautiful, and be rich and deep in values that will be difficult to express; while on the other hand I feel my certificate will be helpful, but largely forgotten within a few years. So where is the real achievement?